Friday, September 24, 2010

What is compiled here ?

    This is a humble attempt to share and discuss my thoughts, views, ideas and experience as a software developer, and the little knowledge that I have earned in my software development career of many years and to learn from the discussions that may follow the posts.

    I have always been enjoying the great support of the community throughout my career,  especially whenever I am stuck with a problem in my work. Many wonderful articles and tutorials published by the members of the developer community made me often thinking that each of these information were prepared just for me. Without those great contributions of much greater friends whom I have never seen directly, I would never be enjoying my work this much.

    Although the information I am planning to share here is from my experience and reading, there might be inaccuracies and mistakes. My request to those who happens to read these entries is to kindly post your valuable comments, correcting the mistakes and perceptions. I will be correcting the entries accordingly, if I am convinced. That way your knowledge is shared with me too.

    One objective here is to help the new comers to the software development career, giving some tips and tricks to become the masters of technologies, by giving directions and short-cuts. And, the best short-cut is hard work with dedication. I think that is the key to success.

    I have been into Java Enterprise Edition(both J2EE and 1.5+) mostly, and got some experience in Microsoft technologies such as Active Server Pages(ASP), .Net(C#, WCF) etc. Mostly with the web based and server side technologies. So you can expect entries around these topics.

    There are some other topics outside the technologies as well in my mind, few related to software processes, methodologies and other software engineering disciplines(such as designing, testing etc). Let us wait and see how many of them will see the sunshine here.

    Let me start compiling then :)